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How to Attach and mount an EBS volume to an EC2 instance

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Attach and mount an EBS volume to an EC2 instance

Below are the steps needed for attaching a new EBS volume to an Amazon Linux EC2 instance:

  • 1. Create an EBS volume – Standard or IOPS.

2. Attach the newly created EBS volume to an EC2 instance specifying the dev name; for example /dev/sdg.

3. To be able to mount the new volume one must first format the new volume; this is done as follows:

 sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/xvdg 


 sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdg 
    4. Create the mount directory


	mkdir /newvolume
	chmod 777 /newvolume

5. Mount the new volume

 mount /dev/xvdg /newvolume 

6. In case one needs this volume to be auto mounted on reboot please modify the /etc/fstab; add the following line to /etc/fstab

 /dev/sdg    /newvolume  ext4    defaults,noatime  1   1

Transferring large number of files or large files to Amazon EC2 instances

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For transferring a large number of files or large files to Amazon EC2 instances one has the following options:

  • transfer using SCP/SFTP from command line or other third party tool as FileZilla
  • installing a FTP server (as vsftpd) on the Amazon EC2 machine and transfer using FTP
  • transfer using netcat which is a bit faster than SFTP, maybe even a bit faster than FTP but is does not enforce any security
    (example of using netcat for this task or

Tips for making the transfer faster:

  • in case the number of files is very large though the size of the files is small you should really consider compressing the files into an archive
  • in case you need to transfer a very large file/archive please consider splitting the file/archive into smaller files
  • transfer the files using parallel connections to the EC2 machine (in FileZilla one could go up to 10 simultaneous connections on SFTP)
  • once your files are transfered to the EC2 machines and want to make sure you can reuse the machine with this data even after the machine is terminated create an AMI of the machine
  • in case one needs to be able to use the same data on different types of machines they should consider transferring the files to an EBS backed instance; an EBS volume can be dettached and reattached to any EC2 instance
  • in case one needs a provisioned number of input/output operations per second should consider using an IOPS EBS volume, instead of the EBS Standard (using an IOPS one can have a 4000 IO ops/sec )
  • for extremelly big files one can send the hdd to Amazon and Amazon will transfer the data to an S3 or EC2
  • use machines that are closer to your location and transfer from there to other regions

LoadFocus – Cloud Load Testing with Amazon Web Services


LoadFocus is a cloud load and performance testing service build for web professionals. It integrates with Amazon Web Service automatically, all you need to do is enter your AWS Access and Secret Keys in your account on

cloud testing

It uses JMeter scripts to run load and performance tests in the cloud on your Amazon Web Services account. You can run your tests in a matter of minutes.


  • create a account
  • enter your Amazon Web Services Secret and Access Key from -> Cloud Integration
  • create a new Apache JMeter Load test by uploading your JMeter test scripts and defining the cloud injector instances
  • run test and inspect load test results


LoadFocus is a cloud service, designed to simplify performance and load testing for developers, QA testers and sales people.

  • provides reporting and testing scalability
  • provides a cloud testing environment that dramatically reduces time-to-test from days to minutes
  • provides enterprise grade reporting and extra-large testing scalability
  • very easy to use, low-cost and has accurate results
  • compatible with open source Apache JMeter

Gyazo Instant Screen-Grabbing

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Gyazo lets you make instant screenshots and automatically upload them. The URL of the image is automatically copied to your clipboard.

Also you can use Gyazo to share your screenshots immediately on IM, blogs, etc.


  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

High Resolution Browser Logos

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Here you can find High Resolution Logos for all web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer 8.


All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

Trello Collaboration Tool


Trello is a collaboration tool specially created to organize your projects. Trello allows you to split your work into boards and life cycles of features: who worked, is working on which feature. 

Trello is very easy to use and very flexible, you can drag and drop your tasks into different boards, comment and vote on tasks.

Also, you receive notifications every time something happens in your project. See below the link to access it:

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